Frogger levels

frogger levels

Notoriously simple in concept, Frogger proved to be a challenge due to the levels increasing in hardness not only between the levels, but also. Frogger classic PC game, level 1 completed. Download Frogger here. Frogger is an arcade game introduced in After five levels, the game gets briefly easier yet again gets.

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Frogger for PS1: 08 Cave Zone frogger levels Superhop 2 times, then go 1 hop north, 5 hops west, 1 hop north, 1 hop east, 2 hops north, 1 hop west, 2 hops north, 1 hop east, 1 hop south, 1 hop east, 2 hops north, 1 hop west, 1 hop north, 5 hops east, and 2 hops north to get the Purple Frog. Use the owl to bridge the gap between the branch and the bridge watch out for squirrels. The white platforms that look like pairs of rectangles open up a few seconds after you step on them, so be fast here. Level Notes Lava Crush is an interesting level to say the least. Navigate Frogger across the fifth and final lane of highway traffic while avoiding the three normal speed cars. If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please e-mail me. Go north through the buffalo stampede and take the west path. Try to be nice and exclude any strong language. The white platforms that look like pairs of rectangles open up a few seconds after you step on them, so be fast here. The second and fourth rows from the bottom are "safety" rows, so keep that in mind. The middle of the screen, after the road, contains a median where the player must prepare to navigate the river. For instance, if you are trying to get into a certain bay and you are riding on the last string of turtles and the log you would have to use is about to pass you up. Level Notes Time Flies is one of the strangest levels in the game.

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A message will display to confirm that you have correctly entered the code. Head west through the crushers, then go south and superhop to get the Red Frog. Take the Orange Frog route, but this time drop to the ground once you're at a safe height. The main thing to remember here is to avoid getting stuck. Follow the Orange Frog route, then go 8 hops east, 1 hop south, and 4 hops east to get the Red Frog. The wall is a safe resting ground, but don't dally too long or your time will run out. Recycled levels usually have similar names for both their appearances. Just barely grazing the edge of a fender can squash you flat. Level Notes Crumbled Point is a much more difficult version of Cactus Point. Swimming crocodiles alternate with the long logs just before frankys bays. It takes a lot of practice and quite a frankys of luck to make it through here alive. Hop onto the bird when it flies by and take it to a raised area. Once the timer has 10 seconds soiel affe, the clock starts ticking. Head left, and you'll come across a set of platforms identical to the set of platforms you had to cross to get the Haarsalon spiele Frog. To slow down, press the D-pad in the direction opposite that in which you are skiing. Pass this area the same way you did the previous area, only this time go south and west, minding the mower moving back and forth in that path. In this next part, wait for the exploding barrel to line up with the pair of oil barrels, then hop onto the exploding barrel to propel yourself onto the oil barrels. Then, go down the spiral staircase, head west, quickly activate the last moving platform, then head north and east at the split just east of the switch. This version was included in the compilation Konami Classics Vol. Head north and west to an area with two mowers moving counterclockwise around a patch of dirt.

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